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How can I earn money with Casual Collision?
Currently we offer a referral API and a score API in addition to the revenue earned from simply uploading your game. When using our referral and score API, you get a dollar per 1000 views of your game's score pages, your portfolio page, and your referral page. This money is on top of any money earned from games uploaded.

How does the score API work?
Our score api involves very little work for the developer to implement and gives great scalability. For one thing, it works universally. Meaning it'll work whether your game is on Newgrounds, Armorgames or anywhere else. At the same time it adds functionality to your game on Casual Collision and will lead to increased plays. Click here to get our download package. It includes everything you need to get scores running in your game.

Randomly generated password (Use this in the "Password" field): bpqnwt684y

How does the referral system work?
Simply add the following link anywhere you'd like in your game:

You can also link to your portfolio page, which is ideal for developers who don't have a website of their own. You can use this as your developer link when you get a game sponsored to earn extra money, heres the link to use:
Simply change username to your username on the site, if you're not registered click here.

You can also use our splash screen, you can get this inside our Casual API download package here.

Help? I can't figure this out!
Read our help file (also included in the above download). If you still can't figure something out, you're welcome to contact us.